The Zero Trust GoodAccess Access Network gives your business security benefits without the hassle

Being able to work anywhere is convenient and familiar to many employees and the companies they work for, but there are a few things to consider – for example, how your company will maintain a high level of security with employees in many different locations. A large number of remotely connecting employees increases the number of potential entry points for enemies and exposes sensitive data to interception during transit. That’s where cloud-based Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) comes in.

Traditionally, employers have had little or no control over the home or public Wi-Fi networks and devices used for work by remote workers. ZTNA, like GoodAccess, helps overcome this problem by ensuring your SMB remains competitive while remaining safe while allowing employees to focus on the task at hand.

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Zero trust as a concept essentially ensures that users go through rigorous verification procedures to minimize risks to your company’s data and applications. Traditional zero-trust solutions are robust, but small and medium-sized businesses can find them difficult to implement due to the complexity and cost of implementing them. These are the exact barriers that a cloud-based zero trust network overcomes.

A particularly helpful use case for ZTNA is preventing the fallout of phishing attacks. As these attacks become more widespread and organizations grow in size, it is more and more common for employees to fall for them. ZTNA helps mitigate this risk by ensuring that malicious actors never gain unrestricted access to all company data, and therefore cannot completely paralyze the company.

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Not entirely convinced? According to the Enterprise Management Associates white paper (opens in a new tab), IT organizations said the implementation of the cloud-based ZTNA allowed for more streamlined IT operations and greater security compliance. Not only that, but the ZTNA also made it possible to prevent and mitigate security breaches. And ZTNA makes it much easier to scale your security solutions as your business grows – which ensures that you don’t necessarily have to hire more IT professionals when you hire in other areas of your business.

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